4 Watercolor Pencil Techniques

4 Watercolor Pencil Techniques


Watercolor pencils look like ordinary coloured pencils, and also you quite a great deal use them the equal manner. But upload water in your drawing and something awesome occurs: you’ve got watercolor art.
This is due to the fact the binder retaining the pigment in watercolor pencils is water-soluble, unlike the waxy or oily stuff in ordinary colored pencils.
That small distinction is sufficient to open up a global of creative opportunity. I am going to show you just what you could do by using gambling round with some of my favourite strategies.

1. Draw some thing, then brush with water

This is Watercolor Pencils one hundred and one. Just recollect to moist the lighter colours first, due to the fact brushing darker pigments into lighter ones usually doesn’t stop well.
Remember that shades appearance distinctive wet than dry — usually, they’re darker and more colourful. To recognise what you’re entering into, do a check run on a chunk of watercolor paper. The chart underneath is a great version to follow.
The greater pencil you upload to your drawing, the extra intense the colors might be when they may be moist. For lighter colours try to color in a “unfastened” way. You could even DIY a mashup with the aid of layering one-of-a-kind pencil colours!
The blue swatches above show what takes place whilst you shade with a mild hand.

2. Use watercolor pencils as portable paint

Draw a gap of colour on an area of your paper, then use it as you will a palette. It’s a smart on-the-cross flow. You could also rub your brush at once against the end of the pencil, but you may have less manage over how a good deal pigment you get.
Above you see the making of a portable palette. Under: Lifting shade from a watercolor pencil with a brush.

3. Add details to a watercolor portray

Watercolor pencils may be used on pinnacle of a watercolor painting to add designs and really high-quality traces. I find this technique honestly useful while portray electric powered wires or the details of buildings in a cityscape.”Early this morning,” watercolor and combined media through Sandrine Pelissier.you can check this site for All about diamond painting

4. Create patterns

Watercolor pencils can add styles to a painting, the equal way everyday colored pencils can.
“some flora Bloom in iciness” via Sandrine PelissierInside the portray above, the styles at the proper had been drawn with watercolor pencil. The traces were drawn with dry pencil; the plants, with pencil dipped in water.
As you spot, dipping watercolor pencils in water makes for darker, bolder line. You may even attempt drawing with the pencils on wet paper to produce a gentle line.

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