Brad Roemer Explores the Best Shows of the 2010s

Brad Roemer Explores the Best Shows of the 2010s


As the decade draws ever closer to an end, Brad Roemer Real Estate started to look at the best shows of this decade. With all the great television that has happened since 2010, it is becoming increasingly harder to pick just a few to put on a list. However, together we will take a look at what we feel is the best show of the decade.

They Will Be Classics

As we have looked at many shows over the past 60 years, we have taken with us some knowledge on just what we want to measure this list against. It will not be easy because like we said above, new and better shows just keep getting pumped out by Hollywood.  Join us on a trip that is sure to be memorable and spark some debate amongst your friends and family

  1. The Walking Dead -Though it has many very gory episodes and the most epic cliff-hangers of any show we have ever watched, we are certainly putting up a powerhouse by which all future zombie and drama shows will be measured. Some of the most controversial content in Hollywood has come from the minds of the creators of The Walking Dead. There are many fan theories that make this show even more in-depth than the show on the surface. We simply cannot wait to see how it all will end.
  2. House of Cards – Though it is a remake of a British television series, this Netflix original is set in the United States and really gives the viewer something to think about when it comes to Capito
  3. l Hill. No other political television series has ever, and possibly will never, come close to what some feel is exactly how Washington D.C. works.
  4. Doctor Who – Yes, this is another reboot, but man what a way to come back. We know, don’t call it a comeback! This series follows an ever-changing Doctor (or better yet Time Lord) through special points in history. He or she makes the changes necessary much like Back to the Future, but unlike the aforementioned movie, the Doctor does not mess things up and have to fix it in multiple other times.
  5. Stranger Things – Just think of all the 80s references in this show. The story follows the lives of young children as more and more mysterious things happen in their town. The supernatural things that happen get the kids to band together in a Goonies-like fashion to out the spirits and expose them to the town. This will be a timeless classic that will be fondly remembered for generations to come. People will look back on this show the way we look back onConclusion

    In this second golden age of television, we are so happy to see all the shows that we are going to watch for years. While Brad Romer has shown us many of the great television shows of today, he can’t wait to see how the decade closes out. One year left to see if there will be the next best TV series of the decade.


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