Gathbandhan Maya And Dhanak Fight Over Raghu

Gathbandhan Maya And Dhanak Fight Over Raghu

Raghu comes in house. He calls for everybody. Maya comes there. Raghu says I brought squeeze, drink and offer it to Dhanak, she gets worn out. Maya sees his shirt catch torn and says I will fold it, she leaves. Dhanak comes there and says I got free early today, I will fold your catch.

Maya comes there and says you generally come at wrong time. Dhanak says I satisfy my obligations as spouse and expert. Raghu thinks to prod her and says Maya dependably does it so leave her alone. Dhanak says I am your significant other now so I will fold catch. Maya says you choose now.

Raghu takes a gander at Dhanak and says you. Maya blows up and leaves. Dhanak begins tucking Raghu’s catch. He draws nearer to her and says you dont need to do it, Maya can do it. Dhanak says you need her to do it? Give me a chance to call her. Raghu pulls her closer

what’s more, says you truly think I need her to do it? Dhanak eyes him and tucks it. Raghu says I comprehended that I ought to dependably agree with spouse’s stance particularly in the event that she knows her obligations. Dhanak grins. Raghu draws nearer so she nips him with needle, he shouts. She says its enough for now. She leaves. Raghu says you left so soon? I realize you are tuning in. Dhanak stows away in room and becomes flushed.

Mai comes to showcase and compromises individuals. She requests that stylist rub her shoulders. Tawre comes there and requests blackmail cash. Mai says you shouldnt utilize your uniform when you are a goon like me. Tawre frowns at her.You can get this right here without cost

Mai says everybody calls me Mai here, you can consider me that also. Tawre says you overlooked how I did cosmetics of your child? Mai says I didnt and I will make you clean my child’s shoes. Tawre raises hand on her however Mai focuses firearm at him and says I am goon here so go to another zone and request cash. Tawre says your child will pay for this, he needs to gain cash right way then I will demonstrate him in 24 hours. Mai supposes he is doing my work as it were. She takes coercion cash infront of him and leaves.

Scene 2

Aslam comes to Sejal and begins helping her in stacking her things in rickshaw, she expresses gratitude toward him and leaves. Dhanak comes there and scowls at Aslam, she says you are not doing right, I realize you regard Mai a lo yet what she is causing you to do isn’t right.You can get this right here without cost Gathbandhan.

Aslam considers him catching Sejal. Aslam says Mai has done numerous favors on me so I cannot deny her. Dhanak says I know yet I figured you would support me and Raghu in bringing Mai on right way and will leave goon’s strides, you are as yet doing Mai’s work, there is still time, please right way, she leaves. Aslam imagines that Dhanak is endeavoring to unravel everything and I am devastating her sister’s life? disgrace on me.

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